Family Photography

Photos are like sweet love letters
To yourself, to your body, and to your family

Not every moment of your life feels like playing outside in the mountains. As a parent, you know what it takes to get the kids out there in their cute clothes, smiling nice for a camera. You know the everyday moments that lead up to the mountaintop photo.

I want to give you images that represent both. Photos that honor the work you do as a parent, and the beauty in all of you. I want to capture the mischief in your toddler’s eyes as well as the tenderness behind it. I want to show your connection and your craziness. 

I make photos as if they are sweet love notes. Hand-painted art that reminds you of your mountaintop moments and the ordinary ones that led you there.

kind words

“Photo MAGIC. We are nervous photo takers and EJ was able to put us at ease and capture beautiful photos of our family. She is a TRUE artist and has a passion for capturing families just as they are, and finding that special thing about each family. Couldn’t be happier with our results – so in love with these photos. Thank you so much!” -Katie

The nitty gritty
All the details of how to get my photos on your walls

After our shoot, I handpick the final images from the session and work with each selection to bring it to its full potential. You might notice my work is different than other photographers and that may be because I take the time to handpaint Every. Single. Image.  This brings out the beautiful details we want to see and pushes back some of the parts of an image we might want to recede.  My goal is for each image to be a work of art.  Within 6 weeks of our shoot, I’ll deliver them to you in an online gallery.

You can then download the number of high resolution files your package deems and/or order additional digitals and prints. Most families choose the Collection that includes all of their images. However, if you choose the Collection with 10 images per hour from our time together, I will edit many more and you will be able to select the full resolution files you wish to keep.  

Family pricing starts at $900 for a full session with me.   Click the link below to learn more!