Boulder Theater Backyard Wedding

This weekend was absolutely magical.  In the wedding industry, we call it a doubleheader when you have a wedding on Saturday and Sunday.  It’s the best kind of marathon. Creatively, I pour everything I have into every wedding.  Emotionally, I am always present, I cry at every single wedding.  I feel each moment deeply.  I want the images to reflect the emotions and to be as moving as it was in that moment year after year as you look back on your wedding day.  Peri and Bryan’s wedding held so much love and it is my hope that I captured this for them.  A few moments to pay attention to in the images below:  

  • The wedding was held in Peri’s childhood backyard.  There could not be a more nostalgic place to share in the joy of this moment.  
  • The ketubah signing brought together two families and was absolutely beautiful.  There was joy and also sorrow as they remembered Bryan’s dad.  As we know, you cannot have one without the other and Rabbi Fred Greene did an amazing job of guiding the family through happy and sad tears.  
  • During the ceremony, we had a bird fly over making a lot of noise, you will see the rabbi’s expression as the couple looks to the sky, pure magic and wonder. 
  • The hora was incredible with the performance, song, and outright fun that took place. 
  • You cannot have a rock and roll wedding without an awesome band.  Great Family Reunion, was on point, delivering a performance that will be remembered always. 
  • Lastly, the place, The Boulder Theater, holds so much meaning for the couple.  

All the moments, places, and people are paid tribute to here in their wedding story.  Take a scroll.  



Rock and Roll Wedding Vendors

Officiant   |   Rabbi Fredd Greene 

Wedding Coordinator & Day of   |    Loni Peterson

Carter Coordinator   |   Dawn Meitz

Band    |   Great Family Reunion

Flowers    |    Rachel Hunter

Hair    |    Chelsy Binyon 

Bridal Details     |    a&bé

Shuttle    |   Green Ride

Makeup artist    |    Alchemy Facebar Boulder 

Photography   |   EJ Dilley Photography

2nd  Shooter    |   Maria Martinez 

Venue   |   Boulder Theater


Elopement and Family Photographer, headshot image of EJ Dilley


Intimacy and adventure is what I am all about. I absolutely love families who are just fun, who are real and let it fly.  I want to see you!  They don’t mind if they get their dress dirty. They may be down for a short hike and are not afraid of getting in the water at the end of your session, you are my people. They don’t mind if things don’t go perfectly and that is just perfect. 

The best parts of life are the parts that surprise us, and the best photos are usually the ones we didn’t know were coming.