Beaver Creek Chapel Elopement

Jeff and Pam did a very old-fashioned thing, they eloped, not like people elope today, but like they used to do… totally secretive.  They took the time to plan a beautiful and meaningful elopement but did not tell a soul.  This is a hard secret to keep! Together with God as their witness (as well as myself and pastor Ethan) they exchanged their vows.

They were married at the Beaver Creek Chapel, they took a walking tour of Beaver Creek Resort afterward and even posed for a photograph with some local skiers.  They had dinner at the fabulous Grouse Mountain Grill and enjoyed a beautiful cake made by the talented Felicia at Cornerstone Chocolates & Confections.   Here is their story in photographs…


Elopement and Family Photographer, headshot image of EJ Dilley


Intimacy and adventure is what I am all about. I absolutely love families who are just fun, who are real and let it fly.  I want to see you!  They don’t mind if they get their dress dirty. They may be down for a short hike and are not afraid of getting in the water at the end of your session, you are my people. They don’t mind if things don’t go perfectly and that is just perfect. 

The best parts of life are the parts that surprise us, and the best photos are usually the ones we didn’t know were coming.